The Pool Construction Guide To Natural Stone Designs And Features

It is time to start considering pool construction projects if you want to be swimming by summer. Therefore, there are designs and features that you want to be thinking about. Some of the features you may consider for your new pool's design include natural stone surfaces and details. The following information will help you choose the best natural stone features for your pool design.

Options for Natural Stone Pool Surfacing

The surface in the pool is an area where you may want to start with stone features. There are different types of stone materials that work better than others for the surfacing in your pool. Some of the options to consider for natural stone pool surfaces include:

  • Slate
  • Travertine (polished limestone materials)
  • Granite and marble

These are some of the options to consider for the natural stone surfacing in your pool.

Stone Pool Coping Designs

There is also coping that you will want to consider for the design of your pool. This is the lip that is around the edge of your pool. These are areas where you may want to use a more porous stone material. This will ensure the surfaces are not too slick to improve the safety of the pool design. The materials that are used for the coping around your pool should have a rounded edge to keep them safe. Materials that are great for this include limestone and synthetic stone products.

Pool Water Features with Stone Details

There are also water features that you may want to add to the design of your pool. These features can be contemporary, or you may want to have them look more natural. This is a great area to add natural stone features to the design of your pool. You may want to build custom waterfalls or a private grotto area with stone. These design features can also be built with a combination of natural and synthetic stone materials.

Extra Stone Details for Pool Decks and Landscaping

There are also some areas where you may want to add stone to the landscaping or the pool deck areas. Some of the extra details that you may want to add to the pool deck areas and landscaping include:

  • Custom stone hardscaping that matches pool materials
  • Decorative stone rock garden to accent the pool area
  • Synthetic rock formations that are integrated into the pool design

These are some of the different options to consider to add stone details to the pool deck and landscaping. For larger formations and rock gardens, synthetic stone designs can also be built during the pool construction.

If you want to be swimming by summer, contact a pool construction service and ask about these natural stone features. The natural stone details can be a great addition to your pool's design.

To learn more, contact a pool construction service.