What To Know About Three Types Of Swimming Pool Covers

Do you need to get a cover for your swimming pool this winter?  If so, you'll have several different types of covers to pick from. Here are the basics that you need to know about three different types of pool covers

Standard Winter Covers

A standard winter cover is going to essentially be a huge tarp that goes over your swimming pool and is the cheapest type of pool cover because of that. The main purpose of this pool cover is to simply keep debris out of the pool and prevent the water from evaporating in the sun. However, this type of pool cover requires more maintenance over time. 

Snow, water, and debris that collect on the pool cover will weigh it down and cause the cover to sink into the pool. If that happens, it's going to be difficult to clean off the debris. If the cover becomes submerged, all of that debris will get into the water and make it filthy, resulting in more problems reopening your pool next year. 

Security Covers

A security cover is a bit different, since it looks more like a trampoline that is attached to the side of your pool with springs. The material is also made with a mesh or solid vinyl material, which both serve their own purpose. The main reason to get a security cover is if you have concerns about pets or small children climbing onto the covered pool. The pool cover is going to have the strength it needs to prevent someone from getting into the water, and it can withstand the debris that collects on the surface. 

A mesh security cover is going to allow water to pass through, resulting in more work to clean the pool next year. A vinyl cover will cause water to collect on top of the cover, so you will need a pump to remove the water that collects on top of it. The cover itself also looks quite nice, so you won't have to worry about looking at an ugly cover all winter that is taking up a big portion of your yard.

Automatic Covers

If you have the budget, you can invest in an automatic cover that will cover and uncover your pool with a push of the button. These covers can be used on a daily basis or you can use them to cover your pool for the entire winter. Some models even act as a solar cover, which will help heat the water in your pool when it is not in use. Automatic covers do require more maintenance, since there are moving parts, and a pump is still needed to get rid of water that collects on the surface.