4 Things Homeowners Can Do Now To Reduce The Number Of Future Pool Repair Bills

Enjoying a leisurely swim that doesn't require going to the beach or sharing a community swimming pool is something that many families dream about achieving. This is especially true in areas where summer weather tends to be uncomfortably hot and humid or where there are few recreational swimming opportunities to be had. 

But many of those who dream about installing a pool at their home may be hesitant to put their plan into action due to concerns about the costs and frequency of future pool repairs. If you are planning to install a pool or would like to do soon, here are some things you can do to help reduce the number of pool repair issues you are likely to experience in the future. 

1. Teach family members proper pool hygiene

Improper use of the swimming pool can result in the need for more frequent maintenance, as well as an increasing number of repair issues. This is especially true if proper pool hygiene rules are not followed, including: 

  • showering to remove dirt, lotions, and body oils before entering the pool
  • wearing dedicated swimwear when swimming to help prevent lint and fibers from getting into pool filters
  • keeping the pool apron and entry areas clean and free of grass, dirt, sand, and debris

It is also a good idea to discourage pets from entering the pool to avoid hair and dirt buildup on the filter.

2. Skim and vacuum frequently 

Skimming the top of the water and regularly vacuuming the pool floor and walls will help to limit the amount of dirt and debris that could potentially clog the pool's filtration system. Families who are stressed for time may want to consider investing in automatic skimmers and vacuums to help with this need. 

3. Monitor chlorine and pH levels carefully

Carefully monitoring the pool's chlorine and pH levels will ensure that pool owners can make necessary adjustments to detect bacterial issues before serious water quality problems occur. Testing kits are available from your pool maintenance service and repair company or home maintenance store. 

4. Schedule regular pool maintenance

In addition to DIY maintenance, swimming pool owners will also want to schedule their pool for professional maintenance on a regular basis. During these service calls, trained pool technicians can change filters, adjust chlorine levels, clean difficult-to-reach areas, ensure that pool components are functioning properly, and perform more in-depth evaluations for water quality. 

To learn more, contact your local pool maintenance and repair service today.