3 Must-Have Features For Your Hospitality Property's New Pool

Are you considering a new pool for your hotel, resort, campground, or other hospitality property? A pool is a critical feature on any property, and it can have a big impact on your guests' satisfaction. An unappealing pool can sour their opinion of your property. A clean, fun, well-designed pool can make their stay memorable and encourage them to give your property positive reviews.

Below are a few features to consider with your pool. They can enhance your new pool beyond your guests' expectations, and some of these features can even help you operate more efficiently. Your commercial pool builder can offer advice on how to incorporate these features into your design.

Tanning ledge. The tanning ledge, also known as the sun deck, has become a must-have feature in both residential and commercial pools. It's an elevated ledge that is adjacent to the main pool body. The elevated ledge creates a body of water that is shallow enough for simple wading. You can put chairs in this area so guests can get the experience of being in the water without getting entirely in the pool. It's perfect for young children, those with disabilities, and guests who simply want to cool off while they tan.

LED Lighting. Is your pool open in the evening hours? Night swimming is its own form of fun and can be highly enjoyable for your guests. Even socializing around a well-lit pool at night can be enjoyable. You can use LED lights to illuminate your pool with vibrant colors, perhaps even matching your property's own branding.

The best part is that LED lights operate more efficiently than traditional bulbs. They may cost a little more upfront, but over time they will reduce your energy costs. You also may be able to link your LED lights to a smart application so you can operate them remotely.

Automated pool management. Everything can be controlled with an app these days, and your pool is no different. Your pool builder should be able to install smart technology that connects with a management app on your phone or tablet. You and your employees can then use the app to change the pool temperature, control lighting and water features, and even open or close the cover. That reduces employee hours needed for pool management. It just takes a few simple clicks on a tablet to get your pool ready for the day or close it down at night. The app may even notify you about chemical levels, clogs, or other maintenance issues that need attention.

Ready to get started on your pool project? Contact a commercial pool builder in your area, like Hollywood Pools And Spas. They can advise you on these features and others that could make your pool a success.