4 Signs That Your Backyard Spa Is In Need Of Repair

A spa is a great addition to any backyard, and in many places, it can be used year round. But if you're going to invest the money in getting a spa, you need to make sure it works properly. Luckily, there are several signs that a spa is having problems, so if you know what to look for you can promptly have it serviced and repaired. Some common signs that a spa is in need of repair include:

Poor Water Quality

When a spa is in good repair, the water should be clean and clear. If you walk out to your backyard spa and notice that the water is foamy, cloudy, or milky looking, there may be a problem with the filter. Ideally, you should have your spa filter cleaned several times a year to help prevent problems with the water quality. But even with regular cleaning, a spa filter doesn't last forever, so it is usually recommended that the filter is replaced annually. 

Water Not Staying Hot

Most people enjoy having a spa because the water can be heated to a hot temperature, which can be very enjoyable to relax in. If you have set your spa to heat the water to a specific temperature but the water is lukewarm or does not stay hot, there may be an issue with the heating element. In most cases, having a spa technician replace the heating element will solve the problem. 

Jets Malfunctioning

The jets inside of a spa shoot out water at high pressure, which can greatly enhance the experience of using the spa. Unfortunately, these jets can sometimes malfunction or stop working completely. One common reason for jet problems in a spa is airlocks that build up in the pipes. One way to resolve this problem is to loosen the pump fitting so the trapped air can escape. If this does not solve the problem, you may have a more serious issue that should be diagnosed and repaired by a trained spa technician.

Foul Smells

The water in your spa should have a slight smell of the chlorine used to keep it clean; if you notice that the water smells musty, foul, or has an overwhelming chlorine smell, there is a problem. In some cases, having your spa professionally cleaned to remove dirt, debris, mildew, and scum build-up can resolve the problem. You may also need to have the chemicals used to maintain the spa altered to ensure that the water stays clean and smells fresh. 

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