Keeping Your Pool Clean And Ready For Use

If you own a pool and want to make sure it is safe to swim in, there is a certain amount of maintenance that you will have to do to it. The pool needs to have a very specific ph to be safe and clean but with a little practice, you can get it balanced out and ready to use. There are some chemicals you will need to get from the pool store in your area and you need to have a test kit so you can check the water regularly.

Keeping The Pool Clean

Before you even start looking at the chemicals required for your pool, you need to start by cleaning the pool thoroughly. If there are leaves in the pool or other debris, vacuum it out or use the pool strainer to scoop them up and get them out of the pool. Any organic material in the water can affect the ph of the water so start with getting all that stuff out of the water. Even after the pool has been treated, you should vacuum it every few days to once a week, making sure anything in there come out.

Measuring Up

Once the pool has been cleaned, you need to take a sample of the water and using a test kit available at any pool supply, measure the ph of the water. You need to follow the directions on your kit to use it as there are several different kinds but in most cases, you will put a few drops of a solution in the sample and watch the color change. Compare the color to the card in the kit. I will tell you if the water is acidic or alkali. Depending on which it is, you need to add chemicals to the water to change it.

Chlorinating the Pool  

Chlorine is a key part of keeping the pool clean. You need to add it when the chlorine level drops too far. The chlorine kills bacteria and germs in the water but be careful, too much chlorine can cause irritation to the skin and eyes of people using the pool. If you want people to enjoy the pool, you need to keep that balance in the water.

Hiring A Pool Service

If you are not comfortable keeping your pool up and running safely, you can hire a pool service to come to your home weekly and take care of it. The service will handle the testing, the adjustments to the water, and they will tell you if there is anything you need to do differently. Mostly they just keep the pool ready to use and save you a lot of time trying to keep everything just right with the water.