Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean

A swimming pool is a great addition to the summer season at your home. It provides entertainment for the kids and the entire family, plus friends that come to your home. Swimming pools do require maintenance from place like PoolAgain in order to keep the water clear and your filter/pump working as they should. If you aren't up to the task, then a swimming pool just isn't for you. If you are interested in getting a swimming pool, follow the tips below to keep it clean.

Keep It Full Of Water

If you don't have enough water in your pool, the filter and pump cannot work properly. You need to have enough water, at least halfway up the skimmer basket, so the pump can take in water, feed it to the filter and then clean the water to send it back through the return. This cycling of water helps keep your water clean and free of algae. Without the filter/pump running, you would be left with stagnant water - which is a great breeding ground for algae and bugs. In no time at all you would be left with a big green mess.

Add Chemicals

The proper chemicals need to be added to your water to keep it clear and safe for swimming. Invest in a pool testing kit to test the water for things such as pH, alkalinity, chlorine and stabilizer. If your levels are off, it could be harmful to your health. Add the proper amount of chemicals to keep these levels in the safe range. You can even take a sample of water to your local pool supply store for help if you aren't sure what to add to your water.

Vacuum The Pool

Vacuum your pool every couple of days or once per week (depending on how many trees are nearby) to get rid of leaves, dirt and other debris that may have sunk to the bottom of your pool. You can invest in an automatic pool vacuum to help save you some time, or you can do the job yourself with a vacuum head and a long extension pole. Both are fine, although the automatic vacuums can sometimes miss a spot here and there and can be costly. 

Keep your swimming pool clean and clear so you can enjoy your pool all summer season long. Be sure to add water to it as needed, add the proper chemicals and vacuum it often.