From The Pump To The Cover: How To Extend The Life Of Your Hot Tub And Its Components

Your backyard hot tub has provided you and your family with countless hours of fun, relaxation – and maybe even a little romance! However, whether you enjoy your hot tub regularly or must say a sad goodbye during the winter, the unit will suffer serious damage or even break down completely if not properly cared for. Don't waste your money prematurely replacing parts or even the unit itself by learning how to extend the life of your hot tub:

Maintaining Your Permanent Hot Tub

From acrylic to stainless steel, many of the most popular hot tubs are larger, heavy and intended to stay in one place. These tubs are more durable, but also require more maintenance than their portable counterparts. Maintaining and cleaning your hot tub on a regular schedule will not only extend the unit's life, it will also make enjoying a soak safer for your family:

  • Cleaning The Shell – Whether you use the tub regularly or infrequently, clean the entire inner surface with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner whenever you change the water. Make sure to thoroughly wash away the soap before soaking to prevent any residue.

  • Spot Cleaning – Remove any difficult spots with a paste made from baking soda and water. Work the mixture into the spot with a soft cloth or plastic scrub brush.

  • Maintaining the Filter – No matter how often you use the tub, remove and rinse off the filter with your hose or in your kitchen sink every two to three weeks. The filter will require a deep cleaning with a specialized product designed to remove any difficult build-up every three to four months.

  • Winterizing Tips – Preparing your hot tub for the winter is key to extending its life. However, before you drain the tub, remove the filter and perform your usual winterizing checklist, consider keeping the hot tub full and functional all year long. A tub remains filled throughout the year is actually less prone to damage that often caused by poor winterizing.

Portable Hot Tub Maintenance

In most cases, portable hot tubs are more cost-effective and much easier to set-up and maintain than a traditional, permanent unit. They're constructed from a variety of materials, including vinyl, and have many different requirements that you won't encounter with a permanent hot tub. When it comes to extending the life of your portable tub, it's best to decide right away if you plan to maintain the water chemically, or will empty it regularly, instead.

Whether you plan to use the tub every day or once-a-month, it's always the better choice to simply empty out the water weekly, which allows you to clean the interior regularly. To clean the portable tub, simply wipe out the inside with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleanser.

When it comes to damage, sometimes the biggest threat isn't the weather or improper winterization, it's your pet. If your dog is rambunctious, consider keeping it out of the tub to avoid any holes or tears.

Hot Tub Cover Care

Nothing is more disgusting than slipping into steaming water that's filled with the corpses of insects that met their watery death inside your hot tub. This is why you invested in a vinyl cover, and if you don't want to waste money purchasing a new cover every year, the simplest way to maintain this vital accessory is to keep it from drying out. Applying a thin coating of vinyl protectant to every inch of the cover will help keep the vinyl supple and prevent cracking that could leave your tub vulnerable to the elements.

If you plan to use your hot tub throughout the winter, maintaining the water properly will not only prevent bacteria and fungus from flourishing, it can also help ensure your vinyl cover doesn't wind up smelling like a rotten fish.

Finally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are several simple ways you can ensure your hot tub is safe and functioning properly. For example, if you notice a strong chemical smell, there could be a problem with the filtration system. To learn more, contact Rick's Pool & Spa.